Traction X Braun

Our guy Jono Castano recently teamed up with Braun shaving to show his audience how awesome it can be as a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself (everyone deserves some sometimes…). The brand is all about beautiful skin and is perfect for self grooming! Working with brands such as these allows for Jono’s audience to find products and companies which promote good habits and self love.

Encouraging people to take care of themselves and love their skin is a trend that should never die out, and teaming up with Braun allows Jono to spread this message far and wide out to his audience and allow them to not only find a great new product but find a company that actually cares for them.

If you’re company promotes some great morals such as Braun’s and you’d love for it to get a some more social traction feel free to contact us!

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