Kurt Coleman

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-79.73% Australian Audience
-83.26% Female x 16.74% Male
-60.41% 18-24 year olds

Being an Internet sensation is the last thing Kurt Coleman wanted to be, but fame can’t help but chase him, and it is not hard to tell why. The 19 year-old Instagram superstar from Melbourne has the making of a social media darling: fantastic jaws, luscious and wavy locks, and a pair of dreamy eyes,

When it comes to his garbs, Kurt sports a devil-may-care style that beautifully shifts between sharp dapper and sprezzatura. He casually rocks classic blazers, denim jackets, and polos like professional cover boy. But he does not shy from shaking things up. He would put in quirky tees, leopard prints, and even throw in the occasional topless look to show off his lean yet muscular physique.

Behind all the quirkiness and the rousing attitude, Kurt is all about positive body image and self-worth. His social media feeds scream of electricity, zeal, and optimism. And he is justly rewarded. His official Facebook account enjoys 33,000 followers while his Instagram page clocks in at 150,000 followers.

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