Traction X ING OE Youth Account

In October – December of 2018 we teamed up with ING Australia to promote their new ING Orange Everyday Youth Account. This campaign was a lengthy and intense campaign that we loved working on! We had Charlotte Rebecca, Jakob Delgado and Morgan Hipworth all working on this campaign with Charlotte participating in it through both Youtube and Instagram and the boys on Instagram.  

It’s great being able to work with a company that is focusing on bettering the world for younger generations and teaming up on this project we were able to represent the intelligence and financial awareness of people under 18.

Charlotte’s 2 youtube videos: ‘Huge London and Paris Shopping Haul!’ and ‘Huge Makeup Haul!’ were filmed over a 1 month period and got over 30 000 Views together. Charlotte had so much fun creating these youtube videos and the ING OE Youth account allowed her to get the opportunity to do so. Morgan and Jakob’s IGTV videos were major successes and allowed them to connect with their audience and discuss the account one on one. 

This campaign was great for all those involved! If you would like to reach out to us and do something similar feel free to contact us through this website!

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