Emma Lane

-44,187 total audience
-42.93% Australian Audience
-86.62% Female x 13.38% Male
-55.13% 18-24 year olds

Emma Victoria Lane is an Australian actress who was born in Los Angeles California and raised in Gold Coast Australia.

Although she completed her Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and Public Relations, she discovered that her passion is acting. Her affinity for the craft has lead her to book her first major recurring role on the long running TV drama soap, “Neighbours”, as the firey and outspoken, Courtney Grixti”.

Emma has a soft spot for fitness and fashion, working with brands like Kookai, Thurley, Mischa Collection and Jerry Jones.

Emma also has great interest in what goes on behind the cameras – producing and creating content for brands such as Porsche and Mercedes Benz.


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