Brandon Kilgour

-144,000+ total audience
-9% Australian Audience
-25% Female x 75% Male
-45% 18-24 year olds

Bestowed with gorgeous bod and enviable features, Brandon Kilgour is definitely made for Instagram fame. With over 140,000 engaged followers to date, he never cease to entice his audience.

From piercing gazes to sultry beach shots, his Instagram feed is definitely a sight to behold. But Brandon is not all about physical appearance, his witty and charming persona always gleams – which makes him more irresistible to his loyal fan base. 

Brandon’s fun loving personality shows when working with other brands and he’s a fun content creator who is passionate about what he posts. He’s worked in the past with brands such as Koala Mattresses and Intercontinetal Resorts. 


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