Ben Gerrans

-79 000+ total audience
-52% Australian Audience
-81.24% Female x 18.76% Male
-39.72% 18-24 year olds

18 year old Ben Gerrans is easy going, relaxed and super fun young man. He’s keen to show the world his creative and bubbly personality and has been doing so on his youtube channel since he was 15 years old. He’s got a range of videos to explore such as pranks, vlogs, advice and adventures. His welcoming personality makes his audience comfortable and happy when watching him. 

Ben’s worked with many brands in the past such as Koala Mattress’s and is an easy to work with guy who is ready and up for a challenge at any time. He’s often seen collaborating with other youtubers and is well-known in the Australian youtube community because of his easy going and unique personality.  



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