Ashton Wood

-244,000+ total audience
-34% Australian Audience
-60% Female x 40% Male
-48% 18-24 year olds

25 year old Ashton Wood is a bubbly personality who loves to express herself artistically. Wether this be through modelling, makeup or videos she is always finding a way to express her personality out to the world. A carefree, young and fun girl, Ashton is a friendly and easy to work with content creators.

She has worked with many brands in the past such as Beefeater Gin, Koala Mattresses, Beginning Boutique, Jagger and Stone and many others. She also works often with Supre as a model and makes sure she stands up for what she believes in through campaigns such as Benefit x Supre’s #girlonamission campaign. 

With a following of 147K on instagram and 33K on youtube she has a loyal following who look up to her and her image, passions and ideals. 


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