Alright Hey!

-166,830 total audience
-72% Australian Audience
-84.00% Female x 16.00% Male
-55% 18-24 year olds

Breaking barriers is what Alright Hey! does on a regular basis. The social media star first surprised the world mid-2014 with his wit, spontaneous hilarity, and no-nonsense approach to the mundane troubles of life. Matt, as he revealed his first name is, hailed from Sydney, and is 22 years old.

Fun is Alright Hey’s! biggest export, and you can see this in various incarnations of his videos with such topics like lists, challenges, reactions, pranks, life advices, tutorials, and even featuring some of his ex-boyfriends (no, really!). There is no way you will have enough of his contents.

He reached his first landmark when he hit 70,000 subscribers, a feat British daily newspaper Daily Mail could not help but recognize. Just last year, he became part of VidCon, an annual even being held in the United States recognizing online video viewers, creators, and industry representatives worldwide.

And his fan base never stop from growing. Right now, his YouTube channel has a hefty 82,000 subscribers, with his Facebook and Instagram tailing at 44,000 and 24,000 followers, respectively.

This outgoing, confident and happy entertainer has many aspirations including reaching 100,000 followers within the next year, touring across Australia and continuing to grow his channel and his own profile.

What’s his favourite part of being an Internet sensation? “Meeting the people who watch me. I love when I get the opportunity to meet my fans face to face. It’s great to understand who they are and where they come from”.

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